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G-50H – The most powerful unit in the market

The model G-50H for Polyurea and Polyurethane Foam Spray Applications is the most powerful unit in the market.

Without changing pumps,  the unit is achieving a maximum output of 20kg/min at 140 bar (Polyurethane Foam Spray) and 12kg/min at 240 bar (Polyurea). It is including as standard the new monobloc pumps with the antileak system (international patent) and the USB system in order to record working day parameters such as product consumption, pressures, temperatures,…

The GAMA Unit model G-50H was the machine selected for the Polyurea application of  the Maracana Stadium in Brasil for the Football World Cup and Rio Olimpic Games due to the high quantity of the square meters to be done in a tight timeframe.


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