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Easy Spray Pneumatic | Air Driven Proportioning Unit

Easy Spray Pneumatic, of an advanced and compact design, is an easy to use, portable air driven unit. Its unique configuration, the product tanks are placed on a chassis with wheels, provides easy access to all types of working areas as well as an outstanding mobility. The electrical console has only one control switch that allows an easy operation with no need of qualified personnel, and a saving of time during the set up and application.


Easy Spray Hydraulic Single-Phase | Hydraulic Proportioning Unit

Easy Spray Hydraulic Single-Phase. This unique unit incorporates all the easy to use and portability features of the air driven Easy Spray plus the reliability and power of a hydraulic unit. Constant pressures and perfect mix on a small portable unit.


Easy Spray Hydraulic Three-Phase | Hydraulic Proportioning Unit

Easy Spray Hydraulic Three-Phase. Same versatility and easy to use like single-phase version but with the extra power of a three-phase motor to increase maximum output and pressure capabilities.


Evolution G-125A | Air Driven Proportioning Unit

The Evolution G-125A air driven proportioning unit is of an advanced and compact design. It is specially aimed for the applications of polyurethane foam in place. Its open design allows easy access to all its components simplifying the control functions and significantly reduces maintenance time.


Evolution G-35H | Hydraulic Proportioning Unit

The Evolution G-35H hydraulic proportioning unit has been designed and manufactured to fulfil the most demanding requirements for the application of foam, polyurea and coatings with the same pump configuration. When you choose a G-35H, you are assuring enough output and pressure stability to spray the selected system in large areas with the same machine thanks to its all in one pump configuration.


Evolution G-50H | Hydraulic Proportioning Unit

The Evolution G-50H hydraulically driven proportioning unit has been developed to fulfil the needs of customers who work on big projects where high outputs, constant pressures and temperatures are required to maintain high productivity levels on polyurethane foam, polyurea and coatings applications.


Evolution VR | Hydraulic Proportioning Unit

The Evolution VR is equipped with a Central Processing Unit (CPU) that process and controls all application parameters entered on the screens assuring that any alteration that may occur will be corrected while the unit continues working. When the problem cannot be resolved within the established tolerance parameters, the CPU will stop the unit and display the type of failure occurred.


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