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Polyurethane Foam, Coatings and Polyureas

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Polyurethane Foam Proportioning Machinery

Evolution VR | Hydraulic Proportioning Unit


Technical specifications
Max. Output:15 kg/min
Min. Output:1 kg/min
Max. Pressure:270 bar
Electrical Connection:3 PE 400 V 50/60 Hz
Heating Power:18 kW
Hose Heating:4 kW + 4 kW
Motor Power:3 kW + 3 kW / 4 kW + 4 kW
Machine Consumption:54 A / 62 A
Max. Hoses Length:93 m
Oil Capacity:
450 kg (without oil)
100 l
Dimensions:1250 mm x 1110 mm x 1200 mm
Documentation:Parts Identification
Service Manual

Features and characteristics

The new evolution VR hydraulically driven proportioning unit has been designed and manufactured for the application of Polyurea, Polyurethane Foam and other two-component systems requiring precise control over temperature, pressure and mixing ratio.

Primary Heating System

The primary heating system consists of two separate independent block heaters. Each heater incorporates 6 each 1250W (1500W optional) heating elements that supply a total power of 7500W (9000W optional) with the necessary control and safety features for the accurate and reliable performance of the system. The special design of the heaters allows for a DT of 50ºC and enables it to reach applications temperatures of 90ºC in normal environmental temperature conditions.

Independent Hose Heating System

Designed with two 4000W isolation transformers, the evolution VR unit allows the individual heating of each component hose up to 93m. The system incorporates an innovative concept of heated hose in which the copper resistance element is homogenously spread around de hose. This allows accurate and uniform control of the application temperature of the products and avoids the heat concentrations that are produced in traditionally manufactured hoses.

Double Acting Piston Proportioning Pumps

Each pump is individually driven by a hydraulic cylinder to deliver the adequate volume of each component in order to achieve the desired mixing ratio. This particular positive-displacement design assures constant output and stabilised pressures, eliminating asymmetrical loads and extending the life of the pump packing seals. Several pump sizes are available to obtain the required pressures and ratios.

Recirculation System

The Recirculation System allows to heat the products automatically, with no need to switch on the machine, reducing the time of preparation prior to start spraying. Once the time intervals and desired temperatures have been programmed, the machine will automatically control them without interruption until the time to start working. The valves can be activated manually or automatically. (OPTIONAL)

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU´s software processes and controls all application parameters entered on the screens assuring that any alteration that may occur will be corrected while the unit continues working. When the problem cannot be resolved within the established tolerance parameters the CPU will stop the unit and display the type of failure occurred.


The unit incorporates two flowmeters that measure the correct dosing of each component precisely.

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