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GDI | Mechanical Purge Spray Gun


Technical specifications
Max. output 1:1 18 kg/min
Min. output 1:1 0.5 kg/min
Max. Working Pressure 270 bar
Air Pressure Required 7 bar
Max. Working Temperature 90 ºC
Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions 20 cm x 10 cm x 21 cm
Documentation: Parts Identification
Service Manual

Features and characteristics

The G-DI mechanical self-cleaning spray gun has been designed to offer the best mixing quality on the market when it comes to the application of polyurethane foam, elastomeric coatings and polyurea. Its unique high & low output configurations offer the possibility to work with a wide range of flows with only one gun. The G-DI gun is light, perfectly balanced and easy to maintain.


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