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Zebeel Stable Swimming Pool (Dubai, UAE) – GAMA G-50H EVOLUTION & GDI Gun

Swimming pool is mainly build for the purpose of allowing horses to do the exercise to improve the stamina and quality of the Horses. These horses are participating in the world famous Horse racing (Dubai World Cup) used to held in Dubai every year. We have proposed polyurea for the floor and PU foam and top coat with polyurea in the walls to get cushioning effect for horse.


Building Insulation (Romania) – GAMA G-250H EVOLUTION & Master II Gun

This project has been made with a GAMA G-250 EVOLUTION and a Master II Gun. The G-250 is perfect for this type of work, makes cleaning fast and perfect. Moreover, because the polyurethane foam insulation of the building is perfect.


Maracaná Stadium (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – GAMA G-50H EVOLUTION & Master II Gun

The rehabilitation of the Maracaná Stadium has been made with Gama equipment. They used polyurea to protect the floor of the stands. During the rehabilitation of the project three Gama machines worked at the same time!


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