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GDI Mechanical Purge Spray Gun

The new G-DI gun with a mechanical self-cleaning system has been designed for professional appliers, giving a better mixing quality than any other gun on the market in applying Polyureas, chemical systems for polyurethane foaming and some two-component epoxy systems.
It is exceptionally versatile. Its special configuration offers the possibility of working with flows of 0.5 Kg/minute to 18 Kg/minute and achieving different fan shapes and widths. Thus giving great precision and maximum finishing quality in “in situ” and industrial applications.
The G-DI model is light, perfectly balanced and easy to maintain thanks to the new GAMA entry block, fast-connecting and disconnecting.



Master I Air Purge Spray Gun

MASTER I Air Purge Spray Gun has been target designed and manufactured to reduce operator effort and facilitate application control. With this aim, a new ergonomic gun handle has been developed and placed at the center of balance to equalize weight distribution and provide enhanced stability during the application. All models include a tool kit with the necessary tools for proper adjustment and maintenance of the gun



Master II Air Purge Spray Gun

The New MASTER II gun has been designed to offer the operator a very intuitive and easy handling. The main block can be disassembled by hand for quick access to the mixing chamber, and the seals, filters and check-valves are in the same place for easy handling. All models include a tool kit with the necessary tools for proper adjustment and maintenance of the gun.



Master III Air Purge Spray Gun

MASTER III air purge gun has been developed for customers who require an alternative concept design to our other air purge guns maintaining the Gama concept of easy handling and maintenance.


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