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HT Black Gun | Air Purge Spray Gun

Black Gun

Technical specifications
Maximum Output 1:1: 18 kg/min
Minimum Output 1:1: 1,5 kg/min
Maximum Working Pressure 240 bar
Air Pressure Required 6-8 bar
Weight: 1,25 kg
Dimensions: 21,4 cm x 10,8 cm x 16,5 cm
Documentation: Parts Identification
Service Manual

Features and characteristics

The HT Black Gun introduces a breakthrough in technology with the one push patent pending system that allows you to remove the mixing chamber independently – without the need to extract the gun block like in other traditionally designed guns. The HT Black Gun also offers the new twist & pull lock system to enable a fast and easy gun block disassembly.
Hi-Tech Spray Equipment Engineering Team has developed the HT Black Gun to be light, easy to handle, intuitive and with the fastest maintenance system on the market.




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